Revised Four-Year Standard Undergraduate Degree Programme in Computer and Robotics Education


The Department of Computer and Robotics Education offers programmes leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer and Robotics Education.

Specialization in Computer and Robotics Education offers two degree programmes;

  1. A 4-year standard degree programme for UTME candidates.
  2. 3-year degree programme for direct entry candidates.



Entry Requirements

            For admission into Computer and Robotics Education degree programme, prospective candidates must satisfy the University of Nigeria minimum entry requirements and should also meet the following Departmental requirements.

4-year degree programme

Credit in English Language, Physics or Mathematics, in WASC/SSCE/NECO/GCE ‘O’L/NABTEB and any three of the following subjects, Chemistry, Biology, Agric Science, Physics, Mathematics and Economics at WASC/SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB.


Stress Areas


  Stress Areas Stress Code
1. Vocational and Technical Education 0
2. Computer Education 1
3. Software Development and Applications 2
4. Hardware Maintenance and Management 3
5. Networking and Communication 4
6. Robotics Education 5
7. Seminar 8
8. Project 9


Course Outline


First Year

First Semester

Major Courses                      

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

VTE 101                     Foundations of Voc and Tech. Education                              2

CRE 121                     Information Management and Communication Technology  2

CRE 123                     Computer Keyboarding                                                          2

Required Ancillary Courses

COS 101                     Introduction to Computer Science                                         2

MTH 111                    Elementary Mathematics I                                                      3

MTH 121                    Elementary Mathematics II                                                    3

PHY 115                     General Physics for Physical Sciences I                                 2

General Studies Courses

GSP 101                      The Use of English I                                                               2


                                                                        Total                                  18


Second Semester


Major Courses                      

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

CRE     122                 Introduction to Operations Research                                      2

CRE    124                  Word   Processing                                                                   2

CRE    132                 Computer Hardware Maintenance                                          2

CRE    152                  Foundations of  Robotics Education                                      2

Required Ancillary Course

COS   102                   Introduction to Computer Systems                                         2                                                        MTH 112                    Elementary Mathematics III                                                   3

PHY 116                     General Physics for Physical Sciences II                                2

PHY 118                     General Physics for Physical Sciences III                              2


General Studies Courses

GSP 102                      The Use of English II                                                             2


                                                                                    Total                        19

Second Year

First Semester


Major Courses

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

VTE  201                    Industrial Work Experience in Voc & Tech Ed                      1

VTE  203                    Curriculum Development in Voc & Tech Ed                         2

CRE  251                    Robotics Programming I                                                         2

Required Ancillary Courses

EDU 211                     Educational Psychology I                                                       2

MTH 215                    Linear Algebra I                                                                      2

STAT 205                   Statistics for Physical Sciences and Engineering I                 2

CED 341                     Introduction to Entrepreneurship                                           2

COS 301                     Introduction to Digital Design                                               2

General Studies Courses

GSP 201                      The Social Sciences                                                                 2

GSP 207                      Humanities 1                                                                           2


                                                                                    Total                        19


Second Semester


Major Courses

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

CRE  222                    Computer Programming, Application and Management

in Schools I                                                                             2

CRE  212                    Methodology in Computer Education                                                2

CRE  252                    Robotics Programming II                                                       2

Required Ancillary Courses

MTH  216                   Linear Algebra II                                                                    2

STAT 206                   Statistics for Physical Sciences and Engineering II                2

CED 342                     Business Development and Management                               2

COS 372                     Laboratory for Digital Design                                                            3

General Studies Courses

GSP  202                     Issues in Peace and Conflict                                                   2

GSP  208                     Humanities II                                                                          2

_____                                                         Total                                                                          19

Third Year

First Semester

Major Courses

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

VTE  301                    Research Design in Voc & Tech Education                           2

CRE  321                    Computer Programming, Application and Management

in Schools II                                                                           2

CRE  323                    File Processing and Management                                           2

CRE  325                    Database Management Studies I                                            2

CRE  351                    Robotics Graphics                                                                   2

CRE  353                    Virtual Robotics design and Application                               2

CRE  327                    Data Reduction using SPSS                                                   2

CRE  329                    Assembly Language Programming                                         2

Required Ancillary Courses

EDU 311                     Educational Psychology II                                                     2


                                                Total                                                         18



Second Semester

Major Courses

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

VTE 302         Practical Teaching in Voc & Tech Education                                     6

CRE 310         Students Work Industrial Experience                                                 6

CRE 322         Computer Operating Systems                                                             2

CRE 332         Computer Systems Architecture I                                                      2


                                                                                    Total                      16




Fourth Year

First Semester

Major Courses

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

VTE 401                     Vocational Guidance                                                              2

CRE 481                     Seminar in Computer Education                                             2

CRE 423                     Database Management Studies II                                           2

CRE 431                     Computer System Architecture II                                          2

CRE 441                     Computer Networking and Protocol                                      2

CRE 451                     Design and Development of Educational Robots                  2

Required Ancillary Courses

COS 331                     Compiler Construction I                                                         2

COS 451                     Algorithms                                                                              2

COS 455                     Data Communication and Networking                                   2

______                                                                              Total                          18


Second Semester

Major Courses

Course Code                                      Title                                                            Units

VTE 402                     Administration of Voc & Tech Education                             2

VTE 404                     Evaluation in Voc & Tech Education                                     2

CRE 422                     Spreadsheet Processing                                                           2

CRE 424                     Computer Graphics                                                                 2

CRE 490                     Project                                                                                     4

Required Ancillary Courses

COS 432                     Compiler Construction II                                                        2

COS 454                     Artificial Intelligence                                                              2

COS 456                     Data Communication and Networking II                               2


                                                                                     Total                    18




Description of Courses


VTE    101      Foundations of Vocational and Technology Education

Philosophical, sociological, historical and economic foundation Technology Education, A comparative analysis. Content, scope and objectives. Technology Education and national development. Professional opportunities in Technology Education.

(2 Units)

CRE   121      Information Management and Communication Technology

Communications techniques; basic concepts in computer communications; applications of computers in communications; communications organizations and regulatory bodies; modern communications such as fax, telnet, chat (real-time communications), internet telephony, e-mail, GSM; wired and wireless communications.                                                                               (2 Units)

CRE  123       Computer Keyboarding

The computer keyboard as an input device; the different areas/compartments of the computer keyboard such as function keys, numeric keypad, computer keys, cursor-dedicated keys, typing keys, special function keys; keyboard shortcuts; typing skills; proper/accurate finger positioning for effective typing; navigating with the keyboard; configuring the keyboard to perform the functions of the mouse; standard styles; use of common manuscript signs; different typing speeds.

(2 Units)

CRE  122       Introduction to Operations Research

History of operations research; computers and operations research; the definition of the different models and their formulation; the role of models in operation research projects; advantages and disadvantages of models; major characteristics of operations research; the quantitative model in operations research.                                                                             (2 Units)

CRE  124       Word-processing      

An introductory course on different document (document file). Working with document – home, letter, report, etc; production, blocking opening and closing of documents. Underlining the heading. Using different parts; saving a file. Creating a stationery. Document, editing your work, using the spelling checkers. Finding synonyms, searching for information. Customizing documents, etc.                                                                               (2 Units)



CRE  132       Computer Hardware Maintenance

Definition of computer hardware; basic hardware components of the computer such as keyboard, mouse, systems unit, monitor/VDU/screen, motherboards, CPU, CD-ROM drives, hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, RAM and their types, ROM, IDE cables, casing and their types; Assembling a computer; installing operating systems and other software; major maintenance and computer troubleshooting.                                                          (2 units)


CRE  152       Foundations of Robotics Education

History of the emergence of Robotics Education, Overview of robotic Concepts, mechanisms, dynamics and intelligent controls;
Impotance and Functions of Robotics in Education. Applications of Robotics in Education.                                                                                  (2 Units)


VTE  201        Industrial Work Experience in Voc & Tech Ed                

Analysis of out-of-school employment opportunities. Organization and analysis of Technology Education programmes with emphasis on occupational experience programmes. Programme planning and implementation orientation in community-based education. Organization of co-operative education programme on-the-job experience. Directed work experience in an organization with computer facilities.

(1 Unit)

VTE  203        Curriculum Development in Voc & Tech Ed        

                        Curriculum issues and instruction development in Vocational and Technical

Education. Instruction and Delivery methods/Strategies.      (2 Units)


CRE  212       Methodology in Computer Education

Application of principles of the curriculum and course construction with application to classroom situations. Emphasis on methods of teaching (objectives, lesson planning, techniques of teaching and sources of materials), and measurement techniques appropriate to computer education. Planning of teaching laboratories and instructional techniques in computer education.


CRE  222       Computer Programming, Application and Management in Schools I    

Definition of Software. Types of Software such as Systems Software; Application Software and Utility Software. Writing Simple Programmes using Visual Basic. Designing Forms and Simple Programmes for Schools.  Development of Programs/Software using visual basic programming language.

(2 Units)

CRE 251        Robotics Programming I

Introduction to Programming VEX IQ, Core computer programming logic and reasoning skills using  a robotic context. Basic robotic movement, sensors and program flow. Robot math, sequences of commands, Sensors and how they work (Touch sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Gyro Sensor and Color sensor); Intermediate Concepts of Programming (Progrm Flow model, Wait Until commands, Decision-making structures- Loops, IF/ELSE, Repeated Decisions); Troubleshooting strategies and engineering practices – Problem solving strategies,  and Team work.                                                (2 Units)


CRE  252       Robotics Programming II

Introduction to Programming LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. Robot math, sequences of commands, Sensors and how they work (Touch sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Gyro Sensor and Color sensor); Intermediate Concepts of Programming (Progrm Flow model, Wait Until commands, Decision-making structures- Loops, IF/ELSE, Repeated Decisions); Troubleshooting strategies and engineering practices – Problem solving strategies,  and Team work.

(2 Units)


VTE  301        Research Design in Voc.  & Tech Education

Techniques of empirical study, including design of various types of study; methods of data collection, data analysis; Sampling and ways of testing hypotheses.  Methods of writing a research proposal. Conducting qualitative and quantitative research in Technology Education.  Research and Development of prototypes in Technical Education.                             (2 Units)

CRE  321       Computer Programming, Application and Management in schools II

Development and application of Software/Programs using Java Programming Language Structures and Keywords in Java.                                               (2 Units)

CRE   323      File Processing and Management

Description of file processing and management; characteristics of computer files and mass storage media; Operations on files, File organization and access methods: sequential, indexed-sequential, direct, extensible hashing, B-trees; Design of file management systems.                                                      (2 Units)

CRE  325       Database Management Studies I

Creating of Databases using Microsoft Access, Creating and populating Tables, Creation of Forms and Reports.  Creating Relationships between Tables and between Databases.  Querying of Tables.                        (2 Units)




CRE  327       Data Reduction using SPSS

Creation o data files, Analysis of data using descriptive statistics, Reduction of data files into charts and graphs. Interpretation of  analyzed and reduced data.                                                                                                    (2 Units)

CRE  329       Assembly Language Programming

Rudiments of low level language management and applications. Relating low level language and architecture’s machine code instructions. Machine language programming, Instruction encoding exercises.                     (2 Units)

VTE  302        Practical Teaching in Voc. & Tech. Education

Student teaching practice in school under supervision.                      (6 Units)

CRE  310       Students’ Work Industrial Experience

                        Students’ Industrial attachment in computing firms for acquisition of practical

skills.                                                                                                   (6 Units)

CRE  322       Computer Operating Systems

Principles of modern O/S; O/S Structures; Concurrent Processes concept in Modern O/S; Multiprocesses; Thread Concept and multi threading; CPU scheduling; memory management; file system; storage subsystem; input and output management;                                                                           (2 Units)

CRE  332       Computer Systems Architecture I

Principles and methods of technical system architecture; identification of system goals and boundary; Process of mapping form to function; Analysis of complexity and methods of decomposition and re-integration; Architectural design in Information Systems, architectural roles, design, methods and processes; Frameworks for representing complex designs.     (2 Units)

CRE 351        Robotics Graphics

Planar and spatial kinematics; motion planning; mechanism design for manipulators and mobile robots, multi rigid body dynamics, 3D graphic simulation, actuators and sensors; wireless networking, task modeling;

(2 Units)

CRE 353        Virtual Robotics Design and Application

What are Robot Virtual Worlds (RVW). Virtual Robotic simulation concepts and components. Programming of Virtual Robots. Human-machine interface; and embedded software. Application of Virtual robots in Education.                                                                                                               (2 Units)

VTE  401        Vocational Guidance

Principles and practices of occupational guidance. Emphasis on school-based problems. Historical, philosophical, psychological and socio-economic foundations of the guidance movement. Courses in career education.

(2 units)

CRE  481       Seminar in Computer Education

Seminar presentations on emerging trends in Computer Education

(2 Units)

CRE  423       Database Management Studies II

                        Basic Structured Query Language (SQL). Principles and Practices in the Management  of Databases using advanced DBMS like Oracle and the likes.

(2 units)

CRE  431       Computer Systems Architecture II

Evolution of computer architecture and factors influencing the design of hardware and software elements of computer systems; instruction set design, processor micro architecture and pipelining; cache and virtual memory organizations; protection and sharing; I/O and interrupts; in-order and out-of-order superscalar architecture; VLIW machines; vector super computers, multithreaded architectures; symmetric multiprocessors; parallel computers.

                                                                                                            (2 Units)

CRE  441       Computer Networking and Protocols

Data Communication Networks; Recognition and description of Internet communication protocols; OSI reference model, network protocols and standards, transmission media, Routing,                                            (2 Units)

CRE  451       Design  and Development of Educational Robots

Classification of robotic systems, transformation of co-ordinates; kinematics and inverse kinematics, jacobians and robot dynamics; trajectory generation; modeling; control. Wheeled mobile robots; machine vision basics; Air space and water robots; mobile robot trajectory generation, robots in mining.

(2 Units)

VTE   402       Administration of Voc. & Tech. Education

Organization, administration and teaching of technology and practical arts education. Consideration of existing patterns in Nigeria and other countries. Discussion of strategic planning. Community-based financing and their involvements in providing technology education.                                    (2units)



VTE   404       Evaluation of Voc. & Tech. Education

Evaluation  and measurement studies on vocational education programmes. Measurement techniques/strategies appropriate for vocational and technical education programmes.                                                                    (2 Units)


CRE  422       Spreadsheet Processing

Meaning and explanation of Electronic Spreadsheets. Structure of Spreadsheets; Basic Data types used in MS Excel; Basic functions used in a MS Excel and applications, Cell Referencing and types; RICI reference style; Formatting of Spreadsheets; Error values in MS Excel.                      (3units)

CRE  424       Computer Graphics

Drawing objects. Correcting mistakes. Arranging objects. Changing objects appearance revising object shapes. Computer animations. Computing objects into a group. Creating a multipage spread. Preventing changes, using clip arts and practical graphics.                                                                (3 units)

CRE  490       Project

Independent investigation of topics pertinent to the development of Computer Education in Nigeria. A report of the study is required.                   (4 units)